Process Industry

Hellebrekers offers processing companies the right automation solutions to digitise, integrate and flexibilise their production activities.

Industry 4.0 is a fact of life for the process industry. More and more process companies are striving to optimise the data connection between the various components of their plants in order to improve their business efficiency. Hellebrekers helps them do just that. We build software and control technology for both batch and continuous processes in order to increase productivity, allow production to be adjusted quickly, reduce failure costs and enable predictive maintenance.

Our solutions for the process industry

Hellebrekers designs and builds integrated automation solutions that increase the efficiency of production systems in the process and manufacturing industries. We develop additional software for existing systems but also create new, integrated solutions based on the automation pyramid. We do this for various production environments.

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Control panels and cabling

Industrial automation solutions need solid electrical engineering to ever see the light of day. Without accurate cabling and control cabinets, for example, the automation software used to control the machines and production lines simply would not work. To control industrial processes, one needs both hardware and software, and years of experience have turned Hellebrekers into a tried & tested expert in hardware & software engineering.

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PLCs, or Programmable Logic Controllers, are essential in the process and manufacturing industry. A PLC is a computer specially designed to control processes and machines. Although PLC computers have a processor, memory, software and i/o just like a normal PC, they are designed to survive in a rugged industrial environment, unlike a PC.

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SCADA Process visualisation

Process visualisation is essential for production automation, as properly visualising processes grants insight into them, allowing manufacturing companies to optimise production efficiency. SCADA systems provide instant, crystal-clear insight into the current status of any production process.

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OEE Software

Hellebrekers helps clients gain insight into the efficiency of their production machines and lines with our unique Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) application. This OEE application is one of the separate modules of the Visual Link MES software package.

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MES Software

Industry 4.0 is all about the integration of machines and production data. Within that context, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an indispensable part of efficient process automation. With Visual Link, Hellebrekers offers the process industry its own innovative MES software application that can be implemented in phases in the existing infrastructure of the production environment.


Augmented Reality & Machine Learning

In the coming years, two technologies will play an important role in the digital transformation of the manufacturing and process industries: Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning (ML). Various studies report that these technologies will continue to develop at a rapid pace and will be deployed on an increasingly large scale.

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ERP Software (concrete industry)

Hellebrekers offers office automation support in the form of tClick ADM, an ERP software package that has been specially developed for the concrete industry. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) aims to improve the productivity of companies, control costs and optimally meet customer needs from the office environment.

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