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With its versatile expertise in climate control, electrical engineering and sustainability, Hellebrekers also creates safe, healthy and comfortable working environments for industrial settings

Every industry has its own working environment, and therefore faces its own challenges when it comes to climate control and electricity. The best solutions depend on various factors, such as heat generated by machines, product hygiene requirements or operator safety requirements. Hellebrekers has the knowledge and expertise to guarantee the right climate and electrical systems for industrial buildings.

Our solutions for Industry

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Climate control

In industrial buildings, climate control technology serves the purpose of ensuring that the ambient temperature and air quality meet all applicable requirements. Hellebrekers works closely with its customers to make well-considered choices with regard to cooling, ventilation, filtration and exhaust systems. We create total climate control solutions ranging from HVAC and Sanitation to:

  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Sanitary & water
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Sustainable heat

Building services are becoming more environmentally friendly and energy efficient virtually by the day. Hellebrekers excels at harnessing alternative heating technologies for large buildings such as factories and office buildings, focusing primarily on water and gas conservation and water reuse. On the one hand, we use our technologies to produce renewable energy; on the other, we recover heat from energy that has already been used.

    • Heat generation
    • Heat recovery
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Energy efficiency

Sound energy management is becoming an increasingly important topic in industry, but true energy efficiency can only be achieved by optimising all building services and the corresponding processes. The Hellebrekers energy model can be used to determine which technology can help a building achieve the desired energy performance. This model is an integral part of several of our services.

  • Energy management system
  • Energy Performance Contract
  • Energy Performance Scan
  • Energy Advice
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High-voltage and Low-voltage systems

Electrical installations are abundant in industry and they are subject to strict requirements. They provide and enable work lighting, safety and communication, and secure the continuity of the industrial process. Hellebrekers designs bespoke electrical plans for all of its customers, incorporating various high-voltage and low-voltage systems:

  • Lighting
  • Earthing & lightning
  • Fire alarm & evacuation systems
  • Camera surveillance
  • Burglar alarms
  • Domotics
  • Solar panels
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Service and technical management

In addition to designing and creating systems, Hellebrekers also offers maintenance and management services. From various locations in the Netherlands, we monitor the technical condition and sustainability of various installations and systems, as well as ensuring continued compliance with current legislation and regulations. We offer various different types of contracts:

  • Risk-based replacement maintenance
  • Technical Management
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Long-term maintenance planning
  • Masterclasses
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