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Sports facilities

Hellebrekers offers sports facilities a range of technical services and products to create a healthy environment for athletes and a more sustainable complex altogether.

Ventilation, climate control, lighting, hygiene, safety... they’re all equally important for eager athletes in indoor facilities. At the same time, these features consume a considerable amount of energy, which makes greening sports facilities an area of great opportunity. We build ground-breaking building services and electrical systems to create future-proof sports facilities.

Our solutions for sports facilities

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Climate control

For us at Hellebrekers, climate control is about creating a pleasant, healthy and clean environment in sports facilities. We work closely with our customers to decide which type of installation is best for controlling the indoor climate. We create total climate control solutions ranging from HVAC to Sanitation.

  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Sanitary & water
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Sustainable heat

Swimming pool installations are not only becoming more environmentally friendly, but also more energy efficient, as well as reducing carbon emissionsand improving air quality. Hellebrekers excels at alternative heating technologies, focusing primarily on water and gas conservation and water reuse. On the one hand, we use our technologies to produce renewable energy; on the other, we recover heat from energy that has already been used.

  • Heat generation
  • Heat recovery
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Energy efficiency

Sports facilities can profit greatly from greater energy efficiency, but this does require the optimisation of installation processes. Hellebrekers has developed a model to determine which technology is best suited to elevating the energy performance of a sports facility to the desired level. This model is an integral part of several of our services:

  • Energy management system
  • Energy Performance Contract
  • Energy Performance Scan
  • Energy Advice
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High-voltage and Low-voltage systems

Electronic systems abound in sports complexes, providing light, safety, communication and continuity. Smart electrical devices such as LED lighting or solar panels are also less harmful to the environment. Hellebrekers designs bespoke electrical plans for all of its customers, incorporating various high-voltage and low-voltage systems:

  • Lighting
  • Earthing & lightning
  • Fire alarm & evacuation systems
  • Camera surveillance
  • Burglar alarms
  • Domotics
  • Solar panels
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Service and technical management

In addition to designing and creating systems, Hellebrekers also offers maintenance and management services. From various locations in the Netherlands, we monitor the technical condition and sustainability of various installations and systems, as well as ensuring continued compliance with current legislation and regulations. We offer various interesting contract types.

  • Risk-based replacement maintenance
  • Technical Management
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Long-term maintenance planning
  • Energy Service Company (ESCo)
  • Masterclasses
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