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Hellebrekers creates phenomenal swimming and wellness facilities aboard luxury yachts that are not only technically advanced, but also perfectly suited to the owner's lifestyle..

In yacht building, originality and an eye for detail are essential. Owners should be able to relax on their yacht in a way that cannot be compared to other yachts. Hellebrekers specialises in the full-service creation of bespoke swimming pools, whirlpools and saunas. No matter how eccentric the owner's wishes may be, we design and make them come true; we do it all! With our proprietary software, all pool controls can be integrated into the main management system, the so-called Alarm Monitoring & Control System.

Our yacht building solutions

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Pool water treatment

In addition to traditional water treatment systems, Hellebrekers also builds state-of-the-art systems for alternative pool water treatment, as well as making pools even more attractive and sustainable. We offer our clients full-service support in all things pool water treatment.

  • Disinfection
  • Filtration
  • Circulation
  • Pool Analyser
  • Water saving
  • Spas
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Refit / After sales

After completing a project, we remain closely involved with our client’s super yacht. For us, a project never ends with commissioning the installations. We strive to keep our products in top condition for years to come. Therefore, we offer 24/7 and long-term professional service and maintenance after final delivery. After sales assistance is carried out by Hellebrekers’ own specialist engineers. They have direct access to a database that holds all technical details of the yachts in our portfolio. This enables them to act immediately on a request for support.

  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance
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For owners of luxury yachts, being unique is a top priority. The aim is to own a peerless yacht with stunning features that no other yacht has ever had. Swimming pools and Jacuzzis have become standard amenities aboard super yachts. But the exact design of these pools is becoming ever more eccentric; the demand for extravagant pool features is growing. Among Dutch yacht builders, Hellebrekers Yacht Experience is known to be an authority on the design and installation of water-related luxuries. We thrive when yacht owners’ wishes push our technical boundaries; the word “impossible” is not part of our vocabulary.

  • Movable floor
  • Plug & Play swimming pool
  • Special water features
  • Underwater lighting
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