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Industrial Process Automation

Smart automation solutions are at the heart of Industry 4.0. The data generated by automation software provides accurate insight into production processes and machine lines. This promotes the efficient control and maintenance of processes and machines, which in turn results in various structural benefits: less waste, greater production flexibility, optimal machine availability, improved predictive maintenance, increased quality reliability, and shorter time to market. In a nutshell, smart automation promises continuity in line with the set production targets.

Hellebrekers excels in designing, building and maintaining intelligent automation solutions for the process and manufacturing industry. In doing so, we oversee the entire automation pyramid, both horizontally and vertically. In addition to the automation software, we also supply the corresponding hardware, which means that Hellebrekers can provide total solutions. Our customers mainly operate in the food industry, packaging industry, concrete industry and in machinery manufacturing. We provide MES, SCADA, PLC, control cabinet and cabling services in all industrial sectors. We have developed specific ERP and control software for the concrete industry.