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Gebouwgebonden Installaties en Beheersystemen

The automation of building-related processes has also taken off; you would now be hard-pressed to find a building without a management system. A building management system (BMS) is a system that controls and coordinates various installations in a building, such as mechanical and electrical installations, allowing it to simultaneously control heat, ventilation and air conditioning.

Partners: Hellebrekers works together with selected suppliers of building management systems. Our main partners are Priva and Kieback&Peter. Priva is a global supplier of tried and tested hardware and software for building automation. The company is a leader in developing and producing technology for optimising environmental conditions and process management. Kieback&Peter is a leading international expert in building automation. Harnessing the power of software and hardware, it connects heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection and other building services to create an optimal system.