Building related installations and control systems

The automation of building-related processes has also taken off; you would now be hard-pressed to find a building without a management system. A building management system (BMS) is a system that controls and coordinates various installations in a building, such as mechanical and electrical installations, allowing it to simultaneously control heat, ventilation and air conditioning.

A BMS offers a complete overview of the installation in which parameters can be entered for each room. Users get to see a visual representation of this view, while the underlying monitoring and control processes are organised and safeguarded by the BMS.

The BMS makes it easy for the user to interpret information about the building installations and, if necessary, to implement policies on energy consumption, for example. In addition to reducing energy costs, a BMS also provides many other benefits, such as improving the indoor climate and guaranteeing the continuity of building-related processes by reducing malfunctions. Other features include the ability to read information (e.g. temperature, operational installations) and to temporarily switch installations on/off. A BMS will usually encompass a variety of installations, such as climate control systems, sanitary installations, security systems, etc. The system provides insight into how the installations are performing and whether the requirements set for the installations are being met.

Over the past decades, Hellebrekers has acquired a track record as an extremely reliable and competent partner in setting up the hardware and software of building-related installations and BMSs. From factory halls to swimming pools, from defence to food & beverages and from office buildings to town halls, every client has its own organisational processes and its own requirements. Our automation technology has become an indispensable part of a multitude of highly varied buildings.

For many, energy management is primary reason to install a BMS, while others mainly wish to detect malfunctions as early as possible. While the suppliers take care of the controllers (hardware) and software modules of the BMS used in our projects, we concentrate specifically on finding the optimal configuration for these software modules. To help us do just that, we have mastered all facets of our suppliers' software.


Control cabinets & cabling for buildings



Hellebrekers works together with selected suppliers of building management systems. Our main partners are Priva and Kieback&Peter.


Priva is a global supplier of tried and tested hardware and software for building automation. The company is a leader in developing and producing technology for optimising environmental conditions and process management. Priva creates an environment in which both plants and people can work and develop as well as possible. The company does this with advanced technology, products and knowledge. Priva's solutions result in lower consumption of natural resources, such as energy and water.


Kieback&Peter is a leading international expert in building automation. Harnessing the power of software and hardware, it connects heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection and other building services to create an optimal system.. With the help of simple but intelligent solutions, Kieback&Peter creates more comfort, efficiency and safety for every user of every type of building.