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Control cabinets and cabling

Industrial automation solutions need solid electrical engineering to ever see the light of day. Without accurate cabling and control cabinets, for example, the automation software used to control the machines and production lines simply would not work. To control industrial processes, one needs both hardware and software, and years of experience have turned Hellebrekers into a tried & tested expert in hardware & software engineering.

Hellebrekers loves building thoughtful process automation solutions for its customers. We have a close-knit team of skilled hardware and software engineers who work closely together to solve control issues in the process and manufacturing industries. We look closely at the technical requirements of the production process and always give due consideration to the client’s organisational needs. It goes without saying that we design all our systems to comply with applicable standards and guidelines.

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Hellebrekers also engineers process controls for new production and machine line projects, as well as for renovation and modernisation projects. When renovating or modernising a system, we always set off by thoroughly analysing the current production systems. We then draw up a technical functional design based on the client's PID (Project Initiation Document). After approval, we start designing the requisite hardware and software with Eplan drawing software, among other tools. We explain which hardware is required for the control cabinets and advise on the appropriate software to ensure that the production processes run smoothly.

Hellebrekers designs and assembles control cabinets in-house. Our cabinet construction engineers are in constant contact with the project engineers and work with the advanced Eplan package to engineer and design the cabinets. All cabinets, whether for small switchgear or complex control systems, are precisely tailored to customer's specifications.

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Hellebrekers is ISO 9001:2015-certified and runs CE-tests, guaranteeing that all our control cabinets are reliable and meet all electrical requirements. In addition, we also have UL Certification for North America, specifically UL-508A and UL-698A. With this seal of approval, we are in the unique position to export switchgear - especially fire and explosion-proof switchgear - to so-called Hazardous Locations in the United States of America, making us a a very interesting partner for international machinery manufacturers.

Hellebrekers also carries out the cabling work for control systems and control cabinets. We design cable routes and install cabling, without ever losing sight of the overall system and its continuity. When it comes to cabling, we rely on our in-depth knowledge of the wide range of different types of cabling and the corresponding regulations. Because our control cabinets are designed entirely in-house, all components, up to and including the cabling, fit together seamlessly. The control cabinets that we have designed and built in-house can then be installed, connected and commissioned on site.