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Control cabinets & cabling for buildings

Hellebrekers is an expert in building control cabinets for building installations, such as climate control systems. Automation solutions for these installations require solid electrical engineering to ever even see the light of day. Without proper cabling to control cabinets and the necessary software, for example, the monitoring & control systems used in buildings simply would not work. Years of experience have turned Hellebrekers into a tried & tested expert in this field.

Hellebrekers loves building thoughtful building automation solutions for its customers. We have a close-knit team of skilled hardware and software engineers who work closely together to solve control and monitoring issues. We look closely at the technical requirements of the building and always give due consideration to the users’ organisational needs. It goes without saying that we design all our systems to comply with applicable standards and guidelines.

Hellebrekers also engineers control and monitoring systems for new-build and renovation projects. When renovating or ‘refitting’ a building, we always set off by thoroughly analysing the current systems, before creating draughts with the Eplan or CEE electric electrical drawing packages. Finally, we issue our recommendations, explaining which hardware will be needed and recommending software to ensure that all building services will run smoothly.

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Design & construction of control cabinets

Hellebrekers designs and assembles control cabinets in-house. Our panel construction engineers are in constant contact with the control technology engineers, who have advanced design packages at their disposal to design and draw the control cabinets . All cabinets , whether for small cabinets or complex control systems, are precisely tailored to client’s specifications. Hellebrekers is ISO 9001:2015-certified and runs CE-tests, guaranteeing that all our control cabinets are reliable and meet all relevant requirements.


In addition to supplying control cabinets and building automation systems, Hellebrekers can also wire, connect and commission the entire control system. We do this mainly for climate and water installations in non-residential buildings. We rely on our extensive knowledge and experience when carrying out cabling work, and it goes without saying that all cabling work is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations.