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SCADA Process visualization

Process visualisation is essential for production automation, as properly visualising processes grants insight into them, allowing manufacturing companies to optimise production efficiency. SCADA systems provide instant, crystal-clear insight into the current status of any production process.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) involves collecting, processing, and visualising production process data, which are then exchanged between different machines in the industrial network. Many factories use a SCADA system to completely control all production processes. The data processed by the software can be communicated to a PLC.

Because SCADA systems display process data so clearly, operating machines becomes a lot easier. The data are transformed into intuitive, visual reports that show exactly which results have been achieved, providing an easy way to detect the cause of malfunctions or exceedance. In addition, operators can monitor speeds, capacities and quantities of processed materials. SCADA thus provides a great deal of information on the production process and machine productivity, which operators can harness to adjust production in real time. SCADA supports remote access, which means the production process can be controlled remotely.

Hellebrekers is an expert in developing and implementing process visualisation solutions. In addition to advising on process visualisation, we provide services with regard to HMIs, SCADA systems, links to MES and ERP systems, project management and quality management.

Our skilled and experienced software engineers are fully versed in the following SCADA systems:



When developing a process visualisation, Hellebrekers often opts for the user-friendly VisTwo SCADA software package, which was specially designed for the visualisation, archiving and analysis of industrial process data. VisTwo can compare any value, both analogue and digital, and visualise it in trend views.

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Hellebrekers uses SIMATIC WinCC, a proven SCADA software system used for process monitoring and visualisation. This Siemens software is compatible with various industries, as WinCC can be easily adapted to meet specific technological or industrial requirements.

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T Click mixer

tClick Vision

tClick Vision is a software control system that has been designed specifically for controlling processes in the concrete industry. With tClick Vision, Hellebrekers contributes to the further optimization of the control and monitoring of the production process in concrete mixing plants, from mixer to distribution by truck mixers.

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