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Climate specialism

Since its inception, Hellebrekers has amassed extraordinary expertise in the various fields of climate control, all to make our clients’ lives easier. We design the required climate control system for each sub-area, taking into account the purpose and sustainability performance of the building. We then build and install the system, including the air handling units and the corresponding monitoring and control technology.

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Ventilation provides for air exchange. In addition to the supply and removal of fresh air, ventilation also encompasses the circulation of air within a building. Ventilating a building can affect the indoor temperature and the replenishment of oxygen, while also removing moisture, unpleasant odours and gases that occur when the air is heavily polluted. The ventilation technology used by Hellebrekers provides maximum comfort at minimum energy costs. One reason for this is that we use air speed to create air gaps in places where cold would otherwise enter the room. For us, ventilation goes hand in hand with insulation.


The purpose of a heating system is to control the supply of heat and maintain a certain indoor temperature. Heating a building creates dry air that helps avoid condensation, for example, in sports facilities. In its markets, Hellebrekers leads the way developing and applying energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating techniques. For more information, please head to our specialism page on ‘Sustainable Heat.’

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Cooling prevents buildings from getting too hot, with the cooling system chilling the air in the building when necessary. This system supports the control of air humidity by ‘dehumidifying’ spaces. Cooling is also used for so-called 'comfort cooling', i.e. to create a comfortable indoor climate, as well as being used in cold stores or industrial processes.

Sanitation & water

Sanitation and water might not always be directly associated with climate control. However, many air handling methods depend on the proper functioning of the sanitation, rainwater and drainage systems in a building. That's why Hellebrekers also sees sanitation and water technology as an important part of its climate services. These systems must be implemented carefully and thoroughly. Among other things, we install water and drainage pipes for showers and toilets, and we build rainwater systems to collect or drain rainwater. Naturally, legionella control is a top priority.