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Energy concepts

You need insight into how energy carriers are used and how energy is consumed to determine the extent to which energy is used efficiently. Hellebrekers has all the necessary knowledge and skills to work with the customer to get the right data from systems and building services, analyse the data and determine how where efficiency gains are to be had. By combining this with in-house benchmark, the resulting database allows us to quickly gain insight into the client's energy consumption patterns. We have integrated our knowledge and expertise into a number of robust energy concepts.

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Energy management system

The Hellebrekers energy management system enables insight into all building services. Flexible data acquisition enables a clear overview of the energy flows within a facility at any time, using our proprietary model with parameters (Key Performance Indicators) in line with legal requirements. Hellebrekers analyses the data acquired through model together with the client, before sitting down together to determine which steps can be taken to increase energy efficiency.

Energy Performance Contract

An Energy Performance Contract is all about energy-saving measures and guaranteed energy savings. This makes an Energy Performance Contract the most comprehensive form of energy management for buildings. Hellebrekers issues a savings guarantee and provides and invests - if agreed with the client - in all necessary elements of energy management. The basic assumption is that the cut in energy costs will cover the investment. As a result, the project will be cost-neutral and will be paid for by the energy costs saved during the term of the contract.

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Energy Performance Scan

With the Energy Performance Scan, Hellebrekers provides its clients with insight into their energy flows and opportunities for improving energy use. Our advisor inspects all building services and maps out how much energy, water and/or chemicals the building consumes, as well as looking at the energy bills. The results of the Scan show where improvements can still be made in energy management and energy purchasing. In a follow-up project, we can help customers implement the proposed improvements.

Energy Advice

Hellebrekers has in-house advisors who provide advice to project managers in a supportive capacity. They can advise on energy use, savings and management for each and every project out there. Our advisors carefully monitor the client's energy management and compare it to the standard consumption patterns of comparable buildings.