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Power solutions

Electrical engineering is woven into buildings, enabling everyday activities such as computer use, riding the elevator and security. It’s often taken for granted, but electrical engineering plays a crucial role in creating a safe, comfortable and workable environment. Hellebrekers designs, builds and maintains a wide range of electrical installations in sports complexes, wellness facilities, business premises and factory halls.

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Lighting is not only important for visibility but also for mood. By using energy-efficient LED lighting, Hellebrekers clients are not only assured of light output, but also of lower energy bills. With LED lighting, clients can easily create any experience or mood they wish by means of Red-Green-Blue-White (RGBW) lighting.

Earthing & lightning

To ensure safety, danger must be averted, and lightning rods are paramount in this regard. They prevent the strong current transmitted by a lightning strike from causing a fire or other damage. In addition to lightning protection, proper protective earthing is essential. The safety earth consists of a highly conductive electrical connection between touchable metal parts that may be live in the event of a malfunction and the earth. In the event of an insulation defect, a current will flow through this earth connection, preventing the current from flowing to earth via the user's body.

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Burglar alarms

Unauthorised persons should never be able to illegally enter a building. A burglar alarm with an access control system will trigger an alarm if unauthorised persons do manage to get in, making it possible to quickly and effectively spring into action. If necessary, the existing camera surveillance system (CCTV) can be linked to the system to provide footage. An access control system can also be used to admit visitors to closed-off areas.


Domotics, also known as home automation systems, connect and control the electronics in and around a building, thus automating building services. Thanks to a series of sensors, software and hardware, electronic applications in or near the building can be used or controlled flexibly and remotely. In the building, for example, domotics can be used to control the heating, ventilation and lighting, helping to reduce the overall number of controllers. With domotics, all the features of industrial automation can be applied to a building.

Solar panels

A solar panel or photovoltaic panel (PV panel) is a panel that converts solar energy into electricity. By using PV panels, energy demand can be met with locally generated energy. In the current energy transition, the demand for sustainable solutions and energy savings is high.