Your visitors trust that they will stay healthy and safe while swimming. But how can you guarantee that the water will stay clear and that it is treated appropriately without countless side effects? This requires ample technical knowledge and expertise on site, such as employees who can properly measure pool water quality and accurately interpret monitoring results. With a view to the new rules for pool water, this knowledge and these skills have become indispensable.

Scientist and Hellebrekers employee Maarten Keuten noticed clear room for improvement in pool water monitoring skills in Dutch swimming pools. He decided to do something about it: based on Maarten’s theoretical knowledge and practical experience at Hellebrekers he developed the Pool water filtration and Pool water chemistry masterclasses. We organise these masterclasses several times a year, and they are part of the licensing scheme of the National Swimming Safety Council. They have proven to be very instructive for participants, providing extremely valuable insights that can be used in daily practice.

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Pool water filtration masterclass

Target audience: swimming pool employees responsible for rinsing filters;

Purpose: fostering knowledge of filtration techniques, assessing whether the rinsing process was performed correctly, identifying room for improvement & optimisation;

Contents: necessity of the filtration process, filter basics and different filtration techniques, identifying and solving filtration problems, cutting water and energy consumption, new filtration techniques, perspectives offered by new rules on pool water.

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Pool water chemistry masterclass - Level 1

Target audience: swimming pool employees who monitor pool water quality;

Purpose: ability to carry out basic measurements, knowledge of possible causes of anomalous measurements, ability to assess measurement results;

Contents: Sampling knowledge and skills, basic chemistry, measuring and analysing, implications of the measurement results, signalling problems.

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Pool water chemistry masterclass - Level 2

Target audience: swimming pool engineers who perform calibrations and set dosages;

Purpose: knowledge of pH and its consequences, calculating bicarbonate and flocculant dosages;

Contents: chemistry, pH, buffer capacity, Langelier index, flocculant basics, various sensor electrodes, setting dosages (for VBC, pH, flocculant and bicarbonate), carrying out daily measurements (pH, bicarbonate, turbidity and flocculant), performing calibrations, removing GBC, correcting buffer capacity and turbidity.

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Pool water chemistry masterclass - 3

Target group: swimming pool employees who are ultimately responsible for the quality of the pool water;

Purpose: background information on disinfection and oxidation, when to make the decision to evacuate a pool, assessing which improvements will lead to an optimal balance between hygiene, safety and comfort;

Contents: chemistry, disinfection basics, micro-organisms, oxidation, calculating and correcting for elevated VBC, urea, THMs, chloramines (also air), chloride, chlorate, bromate, nitrate, microbiological parameters, KMn04 consumption, combining measurement results and anomalies, making the decision to evacuate.