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Pool analyzer

Manually monitoring swimming pool water is time-consuming and is particularly error-prone, which means the results will always be somewhat subjective. In order to save costs and provide consistently reliable results, Hellebrekers developed the Pool Analyser, a unique pool water monitor that frees swimming pools from having to manually monitor and test their pool water every day. The Hellebrekers Pool Analyser is a fully automated monitoring system that can be integrated into the water treatment system.

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According to current regulations, swimming pool water must be checked at least twice a day, but with the Hellebrekers Pool Analyzer, it can be monitored continuously. The Pool Analyser measures free chlorine and total chlorine based on measurements made using the accurate DPD method. Moreover, the analyser automatically monitors the pH value of the water with a pH sensor.

The special reporting tools included in the Hellebrekers Pool Analyser offer swimming pool operators more control over hygiene and safety:

  • If an anomaly is found, the Pool Analyser will immediately trigger an alarm, sent via the BMS and/or a smartphone. As a result, the people in charge will have immediate access to vital information, enabling them to act before visitors notice something had gone awry.
  • Records are kept of the monitoring results in a digital log that can be downloaded as an Excel file, enabling swimming pool operators to carry out trend analyses that help to optimise water quality.

After installing the Pool Analyser, Hellebrekers will liaise with the necessary supervisory authorities and ensure that the system is approved.