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Service & Technical Management contract types

There are various types of technical services that can help secure a building’s technical continuity, and Hellebrekers Service & Technical Management offers its clients an exceptionally wide array of options.

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Energy Performance Contract
An Energy Performance Contract is all about energy-saving measures and energy savings. The performance contract lays down agreements between Hellebrekers and the building owner on the energy savings to be achieved. Hellebrekers issues a savings guarantee and provides and invests - if agreed with the owner - in all necessary energy management elements. The basic assumption is that the cut in energy costs will cover the investment. As a result, the project will be cost-neutral and will be paid for by the energy costs saved during the term of the contract. This makes the Hellebrekers Energy Performance Contract the most comprehensive form of energy management for buildings.

Risk-based replacement maintenance
There comes a time when technical installations or parts thereof need to be replaced. When that happens, the client has to decide whether to invest in identical or alternative replacement parts. With a risk-based replacement maintenance contract, Hellebrekers will help make that decision. We carefully map out the client's options and provide a well-considered recommendation, giving the client peace of mind thanks to our expertise, so that they can focus on the future without any worries.

Technical Management
Building owners or managers tend to prefer focusing on their core activities, with a technical service provider keeping an eye on sound operations with the lowest possible energy and water consumption levels. Hellebrekers is that technical service provider. Our service is based on a unique formula in which a sophisticated management and maintenance system lays the foundation for striking the right balance between the budget and the technical condition of the installations. In addition to taking over the care of the technical installations, we make a prominent contribution to the organisation's optimisation process through sound technical operation.

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Technical Support
Technical installations are often serviced and managed by an all-round, in-house technical service provider, with ample knowledge of and great skills when it comes to their daily tasks, breakdowns or emergencies. However, specialist knowledge can sometimes be lacking. This is where Hellebrekers can provide added value: with our tremendous experience and expertise, we are a reliable partner who can relieve clients of the burden of servicing and managing building services.

Maintenance contracts
If building services continuity is paramount, a reliable service provider is a must. Clients need a technical service provider who can be available 24/7. Everything from preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance to monitoring and control technology maintenance must be carried out as quickly as possible in order to prevent breakdowns or emergencies. With Hellebrekers's maintenance contracts, clients increase the availability and service life of their equipment and reduce the frequency of unexpected failures.

Long-term maintenance planning
Building owners or managers do not like unexpected expenses. To avoid nasty surprises, it is best to have accurate insight into the expected maintenance costs for building services. Hellebrekers Service & Technical Management can provide this insight in the form of a long-term maintenance plan (LTMP), including a budget.