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Custom made technology Yachts

Voor de welgestelde eigenaren van luxe jachten is uniek zijn een topprioriteit. Iedere eigenaar wil een weergaloos jacht met features die op geen enkel ander jacht te vinden zijn. Zwembaden en Jacuzzi’s zijn standaard onderdelen geworden aan boord van een luxe jacht. Maar de aankleding van deze baden wordt steeds excentrieker, de vraag naar extravagante features voor de baden groeit. Hellebrekers Jachten is op de Nederlandse werven inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een autoriteit als het gaat om het ontwerpen en installeren van deze on-board specialties. We halen energie uit de uitdaging waarvoor een jachteigenaar ons stelt; ‘kan niet’ bestaat niet voor ons.

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Beweegbare bodem

Swimming pools can be adapted to various activities with the help of a moving floor, which can be used to make the pool just as deep as you want it to be. In the Dutch yacht building industry, Hellebrekers is known for our flawlessly designed and executed moving floors. We can even subtly integrate a moving floor in pools with a glass floor or glass walls. We create beautiful multifunctional pool floors: and depending on the water level, the floor can serve as the (1) floor of a swimming pool, (2) the seat of a Jacuzzi and even as (3) a dance floor integrated with the wooden deck.

Plug & Play zwembad

Normally, swimming pools on yachts are equipped with a support structure installed in the hold, which means the pools - some of which have complex shapes - have to be incorporated into the hull. In order to make the process of installing swimming pools on board, Hellebrekers designed and created the revolutionary Plug & Play swimming pool. The Plug & Play pool is a composite, fully pre-fabricated pool that even features a pre-assembled moving floor. Thanks to the 3D models of the hull and our innovative technology, the pool and all pool features will fit exactly in the aperture in the hull and can be easily connected to the yacht's controls. The space for the swimming pool will remain open, as the pool will be the last element to be installed in the deck. This will keep the space below accessible during the construction of the yacht, allowing for the installation of larger components such as air handling units, engines, drive systems, etc. Other construction partners on the site can therefore continue to work as they would otherwise.

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Special water features

To further enhance the functionality and fun factor of swimming pools on yachts, Hellebrekers designs and builds various special water features, including counterflow systems, fountains or waterfalls and infinity pools

    • Counterflow system: with a counterflow system, you can swim even in a relatively small pool. The system produces a constant current to swim up against. Unlike traditional counterflow units, ours is based on turbine technology, which creates a more natural flow, rather than a jet of water. Hellebrekers has integrated its counterflow system into the Plug & Play swimming pool.
    • Fountains and waterfalls: Fountains or waterfalls in the pool serve as exclusive and stylish eye-catchers, while producing a pleasantly calming sound effect of trickling water. Water from the pool returns to the pool through the circulating filter system via the fountain or the waterfall. Hellebrekers has installed waterfalls on luxury yachts that span multiple decks, some of which dropped from a higher deck down to the bar in the below-deck beach club.
    • Infinity pools: Infinity pools blend into their surroundings and create the impression that you could swim endlessly towards the horizon. Infinity pools are particularly effective on boats in open water. The effect of infinite freedom is achieved by means of an overflow pool, where the water runs up to the edge before being collected in a drain. Multiple international yachts are equipped with a custom-made Hellebrekers inifinity pool.
Pool control app

All swimming pool facilities on board luxury yachts come with their own control system, and they can now even be controlled with a single pool control app. Hellebrekers developed the software for this advanced, yet user-friendly app. With the high-tech app, the pools on board can be activated and their settings can be changed from a tablet or smartphone. The app can be used to set the water temperature, adjust the lighting or control the counterflow system and pumps.