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For owners of luxury yachts, being unique is a top priority. The aim is to own a peerless yacht with stunning features that no other yacht has ever had. Swimming pools and Jacuzzis have become standard amenities aboard super yachts. But the exact design of these pools is becoming ever more eccentric; the demand for extravagant pool features is growing. Among Dutch yacht builders, Hellebrekers Yacht Experience is known to be an authority on the design and installation of water-related luxuries. We thrive when yacht owners’ wishes push our technical boundaries; the word “impossible” is not part of our vocabulary.

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Movable floor

With a movable floor, on-deck swimming pools can accommodate different requirements. In a moving floor pool, the floor can be adjusted to any depth thus setting a particular depth for swimming or other activities. Depending on the pre-set water depth, a movable floor may function as (1) a swimming pool floor, (2) a Jacuzzi seat or (3) a dance floor integrated within the teak deck. Within the yacht building industry, Hellebrekers is valued for our outstanding skills in moving-floor technology. Even in swimming pools with glass floors or glass walls, we are able to subtly implement movable floors.

Plug & Play swimming pool

Normally, yacht pools are equipped with space-consuming support systems installed in the hold. This means these pools – some of which have complex shapes – need to be incorporated in the yacht’s hull. In order to make the pool installation process run more efficiently, Hellebrekers created the revolutionary Plug & Play swimming pool.

The Plug & Play pool consists of composite materials and is prefabricated in a form that includes all swimming pool features. Even the movable floor is pre-assembled. Based on 3D models of the yacht hull and technological ingenuity, the pool and all its features fit perfectly within a designated aperture in the hull. Subsequently, the Plug & Play pool can be easily connected to the yacht’s general control system. The aperture available for the pool remains open, as the pool will be installed in the deck last. The below deck area remains accessible during the yacht building process, for instance for the installation of large components such as climate control units, engines or drive systems. Thus, the work of other construction partners at the shipyard becomes less complicated.

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Special water features

To further enhance the functionality and fun factor of swimming pools on yachts, Hellebrekers designs and builds various special water features. These include counterflow systems, fountains or waterfalls and infinity pools.

  • Swim current generators: a swim current generator enables sportive swimming in a relatively small pool. It produces a constant current to swim up against. Different from traditional counterflow systems, ours is based on turbine technology. This creates a more natural flow, rather than a water jet. Hellebrekers has integrated its swim current generator into the Plug & Play swimming pool.
  • Fountains and waterfalls: pool fountains or waterfalls serve as elegant, stylish eye-catchers and peaceful soundtracks. With the filtration system’s circulation pumps, pool water is pushed through the fountain or waterfall and thus flows back into the swimming pool. Hellebrekers has implemented waterfalls that drop down water from a higher deck unto the pool deck. Or they go down even further, to the bar area in the below-deck beach club.
  • Infinity pools: infinity pools blend in with their surroundings. They create the impression that swimmers can continue swimming to the horizon. Infinity pools are particularly effective on boats in open water. The effect of infinite freedom is achieved by means of an overflow pool, where the water runs up to the edge before being collected in a drainage channel.

Underwater lighting

Lights in swimming pools do not only serve practical purposes. Certainly not on deck of superyachts: here, underwater lighting makes pools an integrated feature of the vessel’s architecture. A lighted pool – even without swimmers – becomes a striking element within a chic living space. A special atmospheric light source. Underwater lighting contributes to the luxurious experience at sea.

The LED underwater lighting by Hellebrekers Yacht Experience is highly reliable and versatile. Our underwater luminaires are supplied by our regular lighting partner EVA Optic. EVA Optic’s luminaires are designed especially for long-term use in a swimming pool climate, where humidity, high temperatures and chlorine place high demands on lighting systems. In addition to mono-color lights that provide atmospheric white light, we also offer multi-color underwater lights (RGBW lights). Multi-color lighting allows yacht owners to style their on-deck living space according to their own preferences.