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Heat recovery

Heat recovery (HR) is a method of reusing heat from exhaust air and water. In many buildings, a lot of energy is lost unnecessarily. Hellebrekers offers its clients various forms of energy-efficient heat recovery.

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Heat recovery from ventilation air

In large buildings such as swimming pools, (part of) the indoor air is continuously renewed, with the moist, dirty air being vented out. A heat recovery system ensures that the heat from the air on its way out is transferred to the fresh air on its way in. By using the HR, the heat can be reused to pre-heat the fresh air or the fresh water for the swimming pool.

Heat recovery from rinse water used by swimming pool systems

Swimming pool water (rinse water) that has been used to clean dirty filters is drained into a buffer tank. A heat exchanger is installed in or near the buffer tank, and the cold fresh water passes through it to be pre-heated. The heating system then heats the extra water to the desired temperature. With this form of HR, the gas consumption of the heating system can be cut.

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Heat recovery from shower wastewater

On average, you’ll go through 65 litres of hot water during a shower, which normally flows straight into the sewer. A lot of residual heat is lost in swimming pools and sports facilities in particular. With shower heat recovery, this residual heat is reused to preheat cold supply water. A heat exchanger preheats the cold water before it reaches the shower mixer, decreasing the amount of hot water needed from the heating system and leading to considerable savings on energy bills.

Heat recovery from sewage water

With sewage heat recovery, heat is recovered from sewage water. By installing heat exchangers in the sewers or above ground, heat can be recovered from sewage water. By using heat pumps, rooms or tap water can then be brought to the desired level