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Service & technisch beheer

Sportaccommodaties kennen vele kritische succesfactoren. De belangrijkste zijn comfort, bedrijfszekerheid en – voor zwembaden – de kwaliteit van het zwemwater. Andere zijn het voldoen aan talrijke wettelijke eisen of het kunnen anticiperen op wisselende bezoekersaantallen en weersomstandigheden. Alle zijn factoren die bepalen of de exploitatie ongehinderd en veilig voortgaat. En alle maken een continu en optimaal functionerende installatie een must. Hellebrekers Service & Technisch beheer maakt dit voor de klant mogelijk, met een buitengewoon volledig dienstenpakket.

Technical support

Carefree enjoyment of luxurious swimming and wellness facilities – that is our aim. Accordingly, Hellebrekers Yacht Experiences takes ownership of your technical worries, and works with you to deliver perfectly functioning installations. And to create a perfect at-sea experience for yacht owners.

In case you have technical questions, damage or malfunction to your vessel, our technical specialists will give you the necessary support as soon as possible. At the same time, they are open to feedback from you, yacht crew and owner representatives – after all, such feedback empowers us to further develop our products and further optimize our services for super yachts.

Because of our client-focused approach, extensive expertise and high service level, the majority of Dutch superyacht builders have already opted for Hellebrekers Yacht Experience.

Technical support by Hellebrekers may comprise:

  • advice about replacement parts
  • remote analysis and resolution of technical defects
  • design of client-specific on-deck amenities
  • on-site presence to execute and test technical adjustments
  • on-site repair of damaged items
  • crew training, for those operating and maintaining the installations


Our maintenance work ensures that water treatment systems and control technology remain reliable. Regular technical maintenance prevents downtime, and keeps on-board swimming and relaxing healthy.

Technical maintenance by Hellebrekers Yacht Experience may comprise:

  • functional testing of pumps, valves, piping and fittings
  • replacement of pool filters and other spare parts
  • software updates available for the on-board control technology
  • periodic inspections of the on-board technical installations