As a technical services provider and employer, Hellebrekers feels it is part of its community. This means, first of all, that we track how our business activities affect people and the environment. Secondly, CSR means exploring how our company can make a positive contribution to society now and in the future. We are always actively looking for ways to make Hellebrekers an even better 'Corporate Citizen'. In doing so, we continuously strive to strike a good balance between the three Ps: People, Planet and Profit.


People concerns the social side of business, the attention we give for employees and people outside the organisation. We realise that we rely heavily on these people, which is why good relationships and professional or personal development are key at Hellebrekers. We put our philosophy on people into practice by:

  • offering them a wide variety of degree programmes and training courses in technology, safety, management or languages;
  • creating a safe working environment for everyone involved in Hellebrekers projects, e.g. with VCA certification and our own RIE (Risk Inventory and Evaluation);
  • offering careers in which our employees can grow, rather than just a job;
  • promoting regional technical education by offering apprenticeships and contributing to, for example, the Techniek Academie, the Regional Policy Platform for Installation Technology and Platform Techniek Noordwest-Veluwe;
  • promoting technical education in the Dutch water sector by contributing to Top Sector Water;
  • voluntarily contributing to expanding patient facilities at St. Jansdal Hospital in Harderwijk through our involvement with the Friends of the St. Jansdal Hospital foundation;
  • sponsoring sports organisations, such as the Royal Dutch Swimming Association, Solar Boat Twente and various regional sports associations.


Planet revolves around caring for nature, for the environment and for energy. At Hellebrekers, we believe that technology makes a crucial contribution to improving the environment. In addition to making our business activities more sustainable, we are therefore strongly committed to developing technologies that are less harmful to nature. We contribute to the Planet by:

  • developing and providing sustainable technologies for the leisure sector and the manufacturing and process industry;
  • focusing on deploying renewable energy sources and providing energy saving guarantees in the leisure sector and industry;
  • separating waste, consciously looking to reduce our own energy consumption and the fuel consumption of our fleet, reusing waste materials;
  • moving towards sustainable business operations and projects, for example by registering with the platform
  • promoting safe and healthy pool water through our involvement in professional bodies such as ENVAQUA and the Advisory Group on New Swimming Pool Legislation.


Profit means that an organisation is focused on the market and on creating economic value. Profit is necessary to secure an organisation's future, and is a precondition for pursuing People and Planet goals. Hellebrekers demonstrates that efficient operations can go hand in hand with sustainability in several ways:

  • meeting the requirements of the latest edition of ISO 9001 (2015), an international standard for quality management for clients, products and organisations;
  • demand-driven operations , i.e. designing from the customer's point of view and tailoring our services & products to needs identified by communicating with clients and conducting market research;
  • implementing Lean Management practices in various business units, focusing on achieving maximum value for clients with as little waste as possible;
  • membership of sector organisations, such as FME and Techniek Nederland;
  • involvement in national consultative bodies for legislation and regulations, such as the advisory group for the new pool water legislation;
  • encouraging cooperation with other organisations through involvement in regional business communities and the Association of Sports & Municipalities, among others.