Technology that matters

Solutions that matter, now and in the future. That’s what technology is all about. And it’s also why Hellebrekers provides its clients with the technology that helps them achieve their goals. As a technical services provider, Hellebrekers specialises in total solutions for process and building installations. On the one hand, we design, create and manage these installations. On the other hand, we create the software needed to make the installations as efficient as possible. We do this in two business units: Water & Leisure Technology and Industrial Automation. Water & Leisure technology focuses on climate control and water treatment for leisure facilities such as swimming pools, spa resorts and sports complexes. Industrial Automation focuses primarily on control systems and software applications for the manufacturing and process industries, including machinery manufacturers, the concrete/asphalt industry and other types of batch production.

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Technology that moves with you

The economic, ecological and social challenges faced by organisations are increasing, and technical solutions will have to become smarter to help them respond properly. Technology never stops evolving, and neither does Hellebrekers. Because we are closely involved with our clients, we know what they need, and we tailor our technology to their wishes. Sustainability, a focus on service, digitisation and data management lead to innovative insights, which we use to fine-tune our services. At the same time, we strive to remain as reliable as ever. With our craftsmanship, our hands-on mentality and our passion for technology, we ensure that we always fulfil our promises.

Technology in good company

We are confident about the future, and not just because of the company’s healthy entrepreneurial spirit. More importantly, our employees inspire this confidence. We employ a wide variety of technical experts: from modellers to mechanics and from project engineers to software engineers. We’re all eager to learn, we’re inspired by developments in the field, and our main goal is to satisfy our clients. Moreover, everyone is equally important in the Hellebrekers family. In our family, there is a sense of belonging, and a team spirit in which colleagues are strongly committed to the company and to each other.